Too often, a speech that misses the mark is not entirely the presenter’s fault. The speaker may know their subject well, and be a talented public speaker, but they speak on what THEY want, not necessarily what your group needs.

By failing to accurately learn the background, knowledge, and needs of the audience, presenters are shooting in the dark, hoping that their talk lines up with what the audience wants to hear.

Further, at almost every meeting, conference, and presentation the event coordinator/planner conducts a survey AFTER the speech to rate speaker’s effectiveness. But that isn’t the time to do a survey.

As a market researcher and founder of Unity Marketing, Pam Danziger knows surveying the audience BEFORE a presentation, not afterward, is when a survey needs to be done. By discovering what information attendees need and want to hear, they will be able to take away information and insights that will have the greatest impact.

That’s why Pam offers every speaking client the opportunity to conduct a pre-meeting survey with their attendees.

Why Unity Marketing’s pre-meeting surveys guarantee the best speech for your needs

At Unity Marketing we lead with research. Always. That’s why we prepare a short, online survey that speaking clients can send out to their attendees prior to the meeting to find out what they need, want, and expect from the presentation. These surveys take less than five minutes to fill out, yet the difference they make is dramatic.

From these surveys, Pam learns about your audience members’ job responsibilities, their concerns, beliefs, and perceived knowledge gaps. She then uses that information to customize a speech that answers outstanding questions and expands your group’s grasp of today’s consumer marketplace.

Choose the speaker who delivers what your audience needs

The response to this practice has been remarkably positive. Clients are excited about participating in the surveys because they see it as a way to improve their program as a whole. We share results with event organizers ahead of the meeting so suddenly the entire event is customized to the specific needs of the attendees, thereby increasing value and improving outcomes.

And by asking attendees questions ahead of the meeting, it ‘primes the pump’ leading up to the meeting. People appreciate being asked before hand about what they want to hear and it generates pre-meeting interest and excitement around the planned event.

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