Small is the next BIG story at retail – small as in local independent retailers

This is a presentation crafted for retail audiences to learn how to tap the emerging return-to-Main-Street retailing trend, fueled by the desire of the highest-potential and highest-spending customers’ passion for a new shopping experience that they can’t find online, at the mall, in the national chains or in big box stores. 

Pam will explain how this trend will reshape the retail landscape over the next decade.  Retailers will discover 7 simple steps to transform their store from ordinary to extraordinary and learn from 17 of the nation’s best specialty retailers about what makes their shops POP!

How to Make Your Shop POP!, draws upon Pam’s research and insights into the independent retail market and published in her book, Shops that POP!

(Discounts for multiple copies of the book are available to meeting organizers. And Pam always makes herself available to sign copies and discuss retailers’ questions after any presentation.)

In this custom talk, Pam will show audiences how to craft a retail shopping experience that’s irresistible to the most profitable shoppers looking for something special.

Praise for Shops that POP!

Pam Danziger nails the future of retail. She gives us a clear, dot-connecting and exciting picture of how our revolutionary new generation of consumers, enabled with technology and unlimited, instantaneous access to whatever their hearts desire, are prioritizing personalized shopping experiences. And, with great examples of Shops That POP! she paints a back-to-the-future landscape of small shops winning big time. It also is the antidote to the faceless, digital world.

Consumers want the human touch, the personalized, special experiences they can only find in Shops That POP! And, she tells you how to build one.

— Robin Lewis, CEO The Robin Report  and author The New Rules of Retail: Competing in the World’s Toughest Marketplace (St. Martin’s Press, 2014)

Why small is the next BIG story at retail

Congratulations!  If you operate an independent retail store that has survived the Great Recession, or even if you have opened such a store since the official end of the recession in June 2009, you are in the sweet spot of the consumer retail economy for at least the next decade.  The next big story for retail will be small, as in small independent retail businesses.

Success at retail is less about WHAT you sell, and more about HOW you sell it!

Main Streets and the independent retailers that thrive there are on the cutting edge of this shift in retailing.  While the Great Recession took out a wide swath of retailers — economic natural selection at work — the successful retailers that remain represent, by and large, the best and brightest.  They have come through the worst and emerged onto the other side stronger, smarter, and more resilient.

More Praise for Shops that POP!

Anyone who loves retail will love this book…and anyone who owns a store should own it. Shopkeepers who want to give their customers a memorable experience, their sales a boost and make their stores truly POP! will find answers, ideas and solid, well researched information here.

Pam Danziger truly understands what customers want and this book tells you how to deliver it.

If you have a retail store, a restaurant or a even gas station you will benefit from Shops that POP! Get a notebook, break out the highlighter and read this book. Read it twice.

— Mary Liz Curtin,a specialty retailer herself, as well as speaker, author and coach for the specialty retail industry and is author of A Shopkeeper’s Manual:  A practical workbook for the independent retailer (Wicked Queen Press, 2006). 

Shoppers are finally coming home to Main Street. This emerging retailing trend, fueled by the desire of the highest-potential and highest-spending customers’ passion for a new shopping experience that they can’t find at the mall or online, will reshape the retail landscape over the next decade.  Specifically, demographic shifts, with both aging Baby Boomers and young Millennials looking for a more personal shopping experience, as well as heightened expectations from affluent consumers will favor the special services and products that only local small businesses can provide.

Customers will seek these smaller stores for different reasons, based on their demographic, socio-economic, and psychographic outlooks.  As a result, growth at mass will slow down and profits will shrink.  The next decade will see a great winnowing down, restructuring, and right sizing of mass-market retail, which will give a new opportunity to independent specialty retailers.

More Praise for Shops that POP!

Need a shot of retail inspiration? A breath of fresh retail air? Dive right into Pam Danziger’s Shops That Pop! and you’ll get both and more!

Chockfull of meaningfully creative examples, Danziger challenges specialty retailers to up their game with 7 must do’s. If you want a friendly nudge from a seasoned expert,  read Pam’s book now. If you want to create an experience that makes your store a must shop place, do Pam’s book now!

— Andrea Syverson, President of IER Partners and author of BrandAbout (Paramount Market Publising, 2012)  and ThinkAbout (Paramount Market Publishing, 2013)

The secret of success for inspired, creative independent specialty retailers to prosper is the ability for them to  really know  their customers and deliver the valuable, unique shopping experiences these demanding, savvy, eager-to-be-pleased consumers crave. In How to Make Your Shop POP! Pam will share the secrets for independent specialty retailers to thrive in this new shopping environment.

In this presentation, How to Make Your Shop POP!, Pam will show you how to craft a retail shopping experience that’s irresistible to high-value shoppers looking for something special.