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I inform businesses about the world’s most powerful consumers — the American Affluent.  Representing only 25% of all U.S. households ($100k+), they account for 50% of all consumer expenditures, or $3.7 trillion of the nation’s $7.4 trillion consumer economy.

These are the customers that every business needs to understand and engage. Whether yours is a luxury/high-end business or one in the middle-market or mass-market, a small local business or international, the American Affluent are the customers on which your success depends. 

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Meet the HENRYs 

For the foreseeable future, millennial HENRYs (High Earners Not Rich Yet) will be the consumers that every brand manager, marketer and retail executive will need to know well. This subset of the largest generation of Americans, earns between $100K and $250K–the income cohort that accounts for 40% of all household spending. Most important however, these are the consumers who are on track to become the ultra-wealthy ($250K +) of the future. 

This forward-looking book examines trends and profiles emerging disruptive brands that millennial HENRYs are drawn to, and she explains how many of these innovative brands are setting themselves apart from the traditional top-tier luxury brands.

It also takes you on a deep-dive into the steps the smartest of the traditional luxury brands and retailers are taking to keep up with a new generation of consumers who are anything but traditional in their approach to luxury spending.


Pam Danziger speaks truth to power in luxury. She is an analyst beyond compare of all things luxury, marketing, retail and HENRYs.

Her cogent interpretation of data is geared to help luxury marketers make better decisions as consumer behavior evolves.

Be it as a speaker or as a writer, Pam gets the message across  without the usual jargon that camouflages the true purpose of research and analysis: actionable insight. .

– Mickey Alam Kahn, Editor-in-chief Luxury Daily

Is Pam Right for Your Group?

Every speech is customized

Pam customizes every speech to the specific needs and interests of her audience. In addition, she offers event planners an opportunity to conduct a pre-meeting survey with attendees to learn more about the group and what information will be most impactful and relevant for them to hear.

Expertise in affluent consumer insights, the luxury market and retail

For nearly two decades, Pam has been researching the affluent and luxury consumer segment. She can help you gain the information and insights you need to tap this most powerful consumer segment in the world — The American Affluent.

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